Skill building is about building capacities through a sustained effort to carry out jobs involving skills. For disabled, to be able to eke out a living on their own is no less than a miracle, for that, they need to be imparted some kind of a skill, so that they are not dependent and don’t feel themselves irrelevant in the job market.

Hope Disability Centre fully realizes the importance of catering to those who aspire to build their capacities through various skills. HDC has devised various courses to equip the persons with disability with a skill.

Hope Disability Centre have a computer and a tailoring centre running where aspirants are trained in basic computers and computer diplomas of their choice. It provides free access to everyone in need to educate themselves and offers a discounted training price as necessary.

The institute also has skilled tailoring teachers who provide free skills training to many aspirants from the vicinity. It conducts tailoring and cutting tests every three weeks and trains students to acquire three years diploma. Once these trainees attain a skill, HDC tries to facilitate their placement in jobs.