Raising awareness among Asha and Anganwadi workers about COVID-19

She Hope Society for Women Entrepreneurs (SHSFWE) with the support of HCL organized one day trainings for Government and Non – Government staff ‘(Asha and Anganwadi Workers) on precautionary and Safety measures against COVID-19, combining it with the training On “Early Identification, Prevention of Disability, Appropriate Referral and Rights and Entitlements Meant for People with Disabilities. The trainings were organized at Manigam in district Ganderbal on 24th June, 2020.

The training combined two objectives. One was to raise awareness about safety against COVID-19 and the other was to augment the capacity of grassroots level government and non-government workers on early identification, prevention, and appropriate referral services available for people with disabilities.
The training also focused on enhancing the capacity of grassroots level workers to identify people who have physical disabilities and can be linked with SHSFWE for physical rehabilitation service.

A total of 33 persons from Government and Non – Government staff attended the training at Manigam Ganderbal.
The trainers used power point presentations, interactive discussions, group exercises and brainstorming approaches to deliver the training so that all the participants are able to clearly comprehend all the training components. The topics covered in the training majorly include;

• Training about how to take precautionary measures against COVID-19
• Disability (ICF classification)- impairment, activity limitation and participation restriction
• Types and general causes and prevention of disability
• Physical and Sensorial Disability; causes, early identification, prevention and referral
• Laws and rights for persons with disabilities
• Schemes and benefits available for person with disabilities
• Referral and linkages with SHSFWE and District Hospitals