IHRUK and SHSFWE distributes Ramazan foodkits in Jammu and Kashmir

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic brought untold miseries to people across the globe. With life totally crippled due to imposition of lockdown, people from lower rung of economic ladder were the hardest hit.

The decision of lockdown taken by the government of India had millions of daily wage workers, including drivers, labourers, vendors suddenly out of work. With no savings to fall back on, these daily wage earners and their families fell on tough times.

Although, many social organizations came forward to help the needy and marginal families to cope with the crisis endangered by the situation, however, given the magnitude of the problem, no effort was sufficient enough to mitigate the impact that lockdown have had over this suffering populace.

Like other parts of India, the migrant population in Kashmir also bore the brunt of the situation. Most of the social organizations while distributing relief didn’t discriminate on the basis of origin of the recipient. The relief was distributed among migrant labourers as well.

With the onset of the month of Ramazan, doling out aid became increasingly incumbent as a COVID-19 fallout. It is therefore, that Hope Disability Centre in collaboration with International Humanitarian Relief UK (IHRUK) distributed food kits and made cash assistance among those suffering owing to prevailing situation. SHSFWE and IHRUK distributed Ramzan food kits to 785 families, besides distributing 3800 sanitizers, 2800 masks, cash assistance to 225 families and Eid gifts to 285 children. Food kits comprising of rice, oil, spices, flour, pulses and sugar were distributed among the affected. Additionally, Masks and Sanitizers were also distributed in the community.

Apart from distributing food pockets, Hope Disability Centre also transported serious patients to hospitals for treatment.

The exercise was conducted with the help of the staff from the said organization and volunteers from the community. The initiative was a huge success as people who were craving for the help to come from any quarter were grateful to Hope Disability Centre and its staff.